Friday, March 06, 2009

accordian fold book in altoid sized tin

EDIT: the uber-sexy BF is now the ex-sexy, however I like this piece of work so i am leaving it up...

I felt that the uber-sexy BF was overdue for more reasons that I am crazy about him, and I love altered books/collage etc. So I covered this tin and made a little accordian fold book to fit inside, the book was made from a strip of cardboard,embellised with images, rubber stamps, watercolours, ribbon and glitter...(Oh how I love glitter its like a disease with me!)

The little envelope stuck to the front has a little note in it for him.

i love working on a small canvas like this as it allows tiny pieces of work to be completed quickly and its a lot less intimidating than a large scale work. Each side of each 'page' of the book was decorated and the first 'page' is a half page and the ribbon to hold the book closed is glued onto the first page as part of the decoration.