Sunday, March 06, 2011

oh and I made a bag for my craft partner too.

she likes bright colours and creepy stuff...I am not sure I like this, but i think she will

and I made her a pair of earrings too..yes I over crafted again.


I made these for a craftster swap. They are of polymer clay and they all have different functions, one is to solve difficult problems, one to find out stuff, one to do your shopping and my favourite, one to give you love when you are feeling down...

I am going to find these little guys very difficult to part with as they are so cute...they needed a minion house I obliged.

Venice is awesome, patchwork inspiration

Definitely food for the soul. but while I was there and in St Marks church. I took a load of photos of the floors. They are exactly like patchwork quilts in marble...really beautiful, these are some...excuse all the feet and shadows in the photos..they were taken surreptitously