Thursday, April 17, 2008


I have also been working a lot with fabric lately, lots of swaps, lots of bags, lots of sewing.

here are some of the random bags that I have made for swaps for other people in the last few months.

This bag was made from vintage fabric and has a winged heart on the front.

I went a little mad on the embellishment of this one, the dragon fly is hand embroidered and beaded onto an iridescent fabric, to try and capture the beauty of the wings of dragonflies,

The back of the bag has two smaller dragonflies, also embroidered and beaded in the same way, the fabric is also vintage.

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Lou Fay said...

Hi I was just browsing through your blog and enjoying seeing all of your projects.
On the bag made from vintage fabric, can you please share your source for the pattern? A tutorial would be even better.
lourdesfay at gmail do com