Monday, December 01, 2008

art shrine, siren song

This shrine a lot lighter, different shape as the space is somewhat less defined than the previous one, and quite different, it is a papier mache fish. I tried to creat a microcosm inside, it contains a shipwreck on the rocks, lured there by siren song, and of course treasure waiting to be discovered. I find that I cannot escape the themes of seduction and womenhood in anything that I do. (I am still waiting for the perfect tiny image or figure of a mermaid for this one.)
The bottom level is the bottom of the sea, with shells and treasure,
the next level up is the surface of the sea, shipwrecked boat and rocks and the ships bell tolling its doom.
the topmost section is bright and has sun bleached coral, (collected from beaches near the great barrier reef) representing air.
this is the whole thing in situ on a blue wall, I wanted it to blend more than standout of the wall.

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