Monday, July 27, 2009

thoughts on craftiness

I have been, as usual, busily crafting away. I find that i am not really good at crafting for myself, craftswapping, via the always wonderful, is what keeps me focused. I make a lot of stuff, I spend a lot on postage, but its always fun!

So what is it that makes it harder to craft for me, than for other people. sometimes I think that its the imposition of rules and themes that a craft swap does, that makes it easier...mostly I think its having a deadline and someone that I am keen not to disappoint.

so how do I make it a priority not to disappoint me??


D.Suplicki said...

When you figure this one out dear, let me know. :)

I have the same problem - I very rarely craft for myself and when I do it takes me ages to finish. That altered book of honeymoon scraps that I made took 4 months! I have another book that I'm in the process of making for myself that's been staring at me for months. I think, after Samhain, I'm taking a swap break to try to work on some things for me. ;)

PS - this is Danni btw.

edelc said...

There has to be a way of giving ourselves deadlines. I have an altered book started by phizzy and I think I have managed to add one page! Lol..maybe I just need to employ someone to stand over me and set goals until things are done!