Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Two dresses

One of the more frustrating things I made over christmas, was these two dresses, for my daughter and I. I used Burda world of fashion magazine patterns for both and was not at all happy with how the bodice patterns on each were drafted. Mine would have been better (and required a lot less fitting) if I had used a fabric with a slight stretch. I kid you not, but I ripped and resewed the bodice of mine about 6 times and the bodice of my daughters dress ten times!!

I was happy with how mine turned out..less so with hers. Mine is a taffeta(ish) fabric, lighter in weight with embroidery all over, it is fully lined. hers is a gorgeous silk satin, with vintage lace at the neckline.


D.Suplicki said...

I already commented on your quilt on Craftster ... I would totally wear it as a cute summer dress, I love the patterns so much! So I scrolled back an entry and found you two gorgeous ladies!

I love, love, love your dresses! You must have been among the best dressed people there. I admire your patience and perseverance while working on these; definitely worth the effort!

edelc said...

thanks danni, I love the fabric of the quilt too, sadly they were all only FQ!

Wulf said...

Wow! You two look gorgeous in those dresses! You must've been snapping necks all night! Nice dressmaking (and a lot of persistent hard work!), well-chosen patterns and beautiful fabric. And of course the beautiful models!