Sunday, February 13, 2011

A wrap and cloth for my tarot cards

I do a lot of crafting for other people, but I wanted to make something small for myself. I made this sorta pouch for my tarot deck. The outside is red velvet and it is lined with green..colours that represent love. There is a pocket on the inside to take the cards and a pocket beside that will take candles/incense if I need them. The whole thing unfolds to make a cloth that I can set down to look at the cards...

and of course like all of the best things, it is tied up with red ribbon. I am still experimenting with free motion embroidery on my machine..not good at it yet..but I added this little heart.

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AlphaBetsy said...

I love it. I like that it is both a pouch and a reading cloth,nice!! Sometimes isn't it just great to craft for yourself. :)