Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Linocut Cygnus and lough derg

So I wanted to try somethign a little more elaborate and I was out of inspiration for any repeats, so i had a go at a picture, i was inspired by some of the work that I saw online, but wanted to do one of the lake near my house.

The linocut was a slightly different design as it had a swan flying across, but I didn't like it and took it out, just left the constellation cygnus instead. I tried working with block printing medium and oil paints and it just served to remind me that
  • I really need a press for working on paper
  • I hate using anything that is not water soluable.
So I went back to fabric, and printed up a couple of tee-shirts, all of this work is a first attempt, there are plenty of problems to iron out, and I need to mount the lino cut onto a block of wood as it is bending back on itself, which makes printing a bugger. For the tee-shirts I put the block down face up and tee on top, which made it a bit messy..but for an initial attempt, i am happy with them..

 the next two were initial proofs on paper, but it gives a clearer idea of what is going on..

 sky in this one was tidied up a bit, the fuzzy edges will definitely be cleaned up when I mount the block onto wood.

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