Thursday, April 26, 2007

recent random craft projects, cushion covers, needle roll, etc

More recent projects, all of these were made for craft swaps, I really enjoy the process of craft swapping as it sets limits on what can be done, defines a theme and sets a time limit, which gets me off my ass and working! Has to be a good thing. This is a crochet needle roll and craft apron for a swap (I really should start making stuff to keep!)
And some cushion covers, the recipient of these had a thing for crows and also wanted some little stone from Ireland, the crow cover is obvious, I really wanted crow feathers for the top cover, but I couldnt find any, went wandering about old churches and tall trees looking for a rookery but no joy, all the crows were hanging on tightly to their feathers. For the last pillow case, I sewed in some little stones and shells into pockets created by the gauze ribbon (not very comfortable admittedly! but its her favourite)

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