Thursday, April 26, 2007

spring craft bags and purses

well I've been having major attacks of craftiness lately, the weather has been unseasonably beautiful here in Ireland all the flowers are blooming, I took some nice photographs, and interestingly when I took this one and looked at it closely I noticed two aphids trysting in the centre, what a place for a date!

with sunshine it seemed a shame not to do some tie dying , here's a photo trying to catch the colours of the sunset with the colours of the tie dye.

I have been making a lot of bags lately, but they have all been for swaps on, so I decided it was time to make myself some, this one was made out of fabric that I received in a swap package, it was only 1/4 yard but I just managed to squeeze this little bag out of it.

This bag is for a swap, the fabric is reversible so I swapped around the central panel for contrast and added the riveted and bead detail to the front

This is more fabric I got in a swap, I love it! My girly pin-up bag!

I was looking in the Avoca handweavers shop fell in love with a very pretty skirt, but an insane price, so I made myself this version, with a matching bag.

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zuliblu said...

That photo of the tie dye drying with the house in the background (the first one) would be amazing framed. I love it!!!