Wednesday, August 26, 2009

beaker USB key (stick drive) cover

I used to love the muppets as a kid and one of my favourite characters was Beaker. it occurred to me that he would be a great shape for a USB Key. to.

1-wrap the USB drive in cling flim (saran wrap)

2- mould a flesh coloured polymer clay around it to cover it to within about 10 mm of the plastic cover.

3- Roll two little balls of white and press on for the eyes, tiny balls of black for the pupils

4- Make a reddish egg shape for the nose and press it gently on

5- cut a diagonal line down for the mouth, go slowly at this point and cut little by little until you are happy.

6-take out the USB key and gently put in some chopsticks, knife handle, something like that to hold open the shape while baking, Bake as directed, Do not overbake or you will discolour it.

7-When it is cool take a fluffy orange feather (or piece of orange yarn, fleece,) and hot glue it on for the hair.

8-Glue in the USB key, Hot glue didnt last very long for this with me, so try E600 glue or epoxy resin (such as araldite)

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