Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Inches are another example of my love of boundaries in work. They are simply one inch square canvases.

Tutorial for inchies,

1-Take a sheet of heavy watercolour paper or thin card, using water colour paints, paint random colours and shapes all over the paper, Dont think about this part of the process too much, just enjoy being a kid and splashing paper all over. Just choose colours that you like

2- allow them to dry

3-Using a sharp blade, scissors or one inch punch (best) cut out one inch squares from the sheet of paper. You now have your inchie backgrounds.

4- Look through magazines, internet, stamps, junk mail, for small images that fit the scale of the canvas, if you cant find anything you like, then doodle directly onto the backgrounds.

5-Your inchie may be finished at this point, or you may want to cut out random (or not so random) words, or use stamps, or trusty sharpie pens, to write words, draw symbols, squiggles or further embellish the inchie.

6- I love to add highlights with glitter glue.
7-images and elements that you add to the inchie, always look more finished if they are anchored to the page a little more, perhaps draw around them, I love adding dots, I think it is a mistake that many people make, to just stick down elements, you need to consider how to embed them into the page, perhaps by layering, outlining etc.
8- I think that edging the inchie make it 'finished' you can either drag a felt tip pen around the edge or press the edge into a stamp pad.

9-Make lots! they look fabulous when all grouped together in a frame, or stuck directly to the wall in hidden corners of your house.

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