Monday, November 23, 2009

Rainbow tags

I have been working on these tags on and off for ages. They are just an exploration of colour, So I did a rainbow (I've just realised that indigo is missing from these pix!) plus black and white.

The tags are about 5 inches tall and 3.5 across on a base of cardboard.
These are the different colours

The tags are eventually going into this alteredbook. I received the book as part of a craft swap from the always awesome a few of the pages were already altered by the artist, but leaving plenty of them for me to work on, so far I have only one done!...the black page.


D.Suplicki said...

Those tags are gorgeous, Edel! I especially love the orange one. Your ability to layer so many things onto something and have it look cohesive and pretty always boggles my mind.

When I try to layer things it looks like I dropped my project in mud. x_x


edelc said...

thanks Dani. i dont agree that you dont have that ability. I have that fabulous picture you made me hanging by my bed, beside the matching one by Phizzy.
Actually I use some of her techniques for bringing things together, specifically drawing on elements and linking them together with a black pen. It seems to anchor them on the page.

Kira said...

Oh so lovely! I adore how they're each a different color with so many different elements and textures!

Kira aka nooo

yudis said...

creative hand
i like it

greeting from Indonesia

edelc said...

Thanks guys it is always so encouraging to get comments