Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I guess updating blogs is one of those good intentions that are always destined to failure

This isn't a great shot, but I have started to make soap, this is a simple melt and pour soup, loads of aromatheraphy oils so it is quite mood boosting and feels declicious. The little sandcastle shaped thing in the left of the background is a bath bomb, also full of oils and glitter...who doesnt love having a bath full of glitter!

I made a set of dotee dolls for a swap, the heads are about 2cm across, so this is a  big close up. they were set of four that got scattered to four corners of the world..OK 3 to the US and one to Australia, The heads were moulded with polymer clay, I am not too happy about how they turned out, I prefer the one on the right, but they did look good as a set

This is a set of pillowcases as a swap request, simple fun line drawing, not an original design of mine, freehanded onto a couple of cotton pillowcases.

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