Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My newest medieval garb

The real reason that portrait of Henry VIII made him look as wide as he was tall, is that in those times they wore yards and yards of fabric, layers and layers of you can see below!!

the dress was made over one weekend, it is 1540s florentine, complete with banding on the bodice and hem. It was acceptible for women to not wear headgear at this time, they wore hair pulled back with silly strands on either side of the you can! My friend to the left of this picture is wearing the tabard that features in a much earlier post in this blog. he wears it well!

The surcote is a yellow brocade and fur lined...wearing this on a very cold february day in the UK was a treat!

I also painted the banner that you can just about see over my head.


K.Michele said...

it's gorgeous! i love all the details that you put into it. and yes he wears the tabard very well! awesome job edel!!

edelc said...

thanks sweetie. I have no decent close-ups, but this gives the general idea!

Pixie Firefly said...

Very cool! You are awesome!

Angel Cross said...

What a wonderful job! Amazing