Saturday, June 15, 2013

Bookbinding, leather bound gratitude journals

These were a set of journals that I made for christmas presents. I had some crappy leather, bought at a discount from deprova because it was crappy, one surface had a nasty texture, but the back surface was a lovely suede, it also had a nice edge, I cut the covers to take advantage of the raggedy edges of the leather, as  much as I could.

 I stained them pinkish with printer ink as it was thin enough to soak in, without clogging the texture of the suede or making it stiff.

 I glued some sari fabric on the back and then did a stitched binding, adding in a few scrapbooking pages for interest. I decorated the fronts of each one, slightly differently. They were time consuming, so only very close friends got one!

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