Saturday, June 15, 2013

Mushrooms, linocut, ...I may be a little obsessed!

Last night was cocktail friday, lychinis (very nice!) which inspired another stab (not literally) at lino cutting, There were no mushrooms in the cocktail, this was just an image that I saw on pinterest and thought I would have a go at trying to reproduce (it is not original!) I cut each mushroom seperately which allowed me to vary the placement.

 I do rather like the red on pinkish tie-dye, the busy pattern comes up as an overall softer feel like this.
 This was a piece of floral fabric that I had knocking around, that I really didn't like much, it was very old fashioned, but the addition of the very dark mushrooms makes it pop, softens the original print and gives almost a 3D!
 One mushroom missing, giving a more spacy look
This is destined to be a pillowcase cover.

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Emu said...

Wow this is gorgeous, I would use this fabric for everything! It must have taken forever to cut those stamps.

Nice to see another craft blogger in Ireland, I've followed you :-)